Océane L.


Painter – engraver graduated from Beaux Arts promotion 1994 after 4 years of study of advertising design (Sornas school and ATEP) and 1 year of graphic arts EAP.

After working in introspection and projection for 10 years (leaving the Beaux Arts which was the beginning in its preparation for the diploma) an expressionist period graphic artist on the female nude; in her continuity as a translator of what is beautiful in close connection with the contemplation and the own events of her life, Oceane began to paint the ocean …

These two distinct periods in work and in subject the Nude / Ocean were punctuated and branched (always in artistic expressions) by birth, breastfeeding subjects directly inspired by the own life of Océane, mother of 4 children but also by animals, flowers… nature, simply humanity…

Océane tells a story, that of her passions…

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Océane Le Quément

1 year 11 months ago

IL y a des bateaux en bouteilles et la mer en minuscule.. Huile sur toile 11/18cm peintre Océane Le Quément

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Océane Le Quément

1 year 11 months ago

Retour à l océan... Petite huile 12/18cm

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