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Our approach

Our approach is different from that of other language centers in the sense that we offer innovative, fun and immersive courses where the student is free to select the content himself: conversation courses, oral improvement and in writing, performing a sports or cultural activity, preparing for official exams, professional training, etc.

Throughout their course, students are accompanied by a qualified language trainer who will guide them and be their referent.

A pedagogical follow-up of the courses is regularly sent to each student in order to better guide them in their progress in languages.

In order to optimize the learning of our students, we make sure to bring together all the elements listed below:

  • motivation (having confidence in your abilities)

  • encourage, value, be benevolent and attentive

  • have the opportunity to express themselves freely, without judgment

  • To be relaxed, to have fun

  • define an area of improvement (define objectives)

  • a unique teaching method

  • a qualified trainer with experience in the language sector

Our mission

At Ozeanoa , we take our mission as trainers very seriously. Our language trainers are recruited through a rigorous selection process and all demonstrate in-depth language and pedagogical skills. Indeed, all our trainers are linguists by training because, contrary to what many people think, just being a native is not enough to teach a modern language.

Providing quality training is our main concern because we know that learning and improving a language can only be done alongside real professionals.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

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